Bohemian Grove

The Upper Chamber has decided Mr. Jones has ranted long enough and it’s time to remove his platforms. Other options were discussed but we want to restrict his reach without turning him into a martyr. Apple, Google, and others who host his material, execute Calm Night.

Bohemian Grove, you’re holding the blood stick on this one as the various lucrative platforms are within your geographical sphere of influence. In these types of cases we much prefer to have local people handle because you know the area and you manage the technology. If you are not comfortable handling, contact Cathedral Tower on node 6 to declare your neutrality and Glamis will handle. Less paperwork and no law enforcement to deal with if you handle, more drama and extreme scrutiny from law enforcement and media whores if Glamis has to respond. Either way though, this Jones thing is over.

Lady Janet, We Honour You

Dear lady, we offer our heartfelt condolences, love and respect on this day of commemoration. Please accept my invitation to join me once again for midnight services in the chapel. Your seat is reserved, as it has been these past 481 years.

With Deepest Affection,


Lady Janet Douglas, of Glamis – Falsely accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake at Edinburgh Castle July 17, 1537