Kim Hyok Chol

Johann Pastor and Vanessa Payne have independently confirmed the arrival of Kim Hyok Chol on the Lower Astral. The Ambassador appears to have been executed at Mirim airport several days ago and reached out to our contacts on the other side of the veil. News organizations will not report immediately.

Washington Tower

Cathedral Observation Post 5 is tracking an underwater disturbance approximately 50 kilometres north of the Kermadec Island Arc. Raoul Island Station reports abnormal surface patterns. Cathedral Tower has taken temporary control of Russian KosmoSat 2515 for dark vigilance and confirms likely underwater nautical operation by Rogue State Bravo.

Glamis and the World Security Office are instructing you to activate Deep Siren and call forth Gargantuan from the Mariana Trench.

Rest assured – the Rogue Fleet is no match for our monster, and he is hungry.