All Towers Update

The Shadow Lion is afoot and satellite system architecture upgrades will commence shortly. This scheduled overhaul of key components includes upgrades to LRIT, VibeSat and DarkCom systems. Upgrades are intended to support enhanced integration with ForceNet and other elements of the Global Information Grid, a greater degree of stability for space and terrestrial transmissions as well as improved parallel frequencies when communicating between vibrational planes.

For a thorough treatment of LRIT requirements, refer to regulation V/19-1 of the SOLAS Convention of 1-1-2008 and resolution MSC.275(85) of the Maritime Safety Committee.

Governance and Controls: IMSO testing will follow upgrades to ensure effective operation. Wettin WorldTech Office will oversee upgrades and the Upper Chamber will review IMSO audit documentation. As head of Wettin’s Operations and Security Office and head of the World Governing Council, Glamis will perform independent testing of VibeSat and DarkCom systems via the Trans-vibrational Subtle Horizon node with validation input from quantum outpost entities across ethereal dimensions.