Butterfield 4391

Audio from the Other Side

When searching into the past, to find valid information, we are sometimes able to connect momentarily, using VibeSat technology developed by our Bedlam team. This is possible when vibrational parity exists between planes, but eventually the frequency becomes unstable and the signal is lost. Stella Daniels has brought us a long way and we appreciate her visionary work. In the coming weeks we will see improvement in stability of our most useful VibeSat frequencies and a significant improvement in vibrational parity, as we learn to manipulate the time-curvature. Many thanks to our friends from Bedlam who have given so much that we might advance so far. Special thanks to Miss Vanessa Payne, who made the ultimate sacrifice and continues to assist us from her new assignment location on the Lower Astral. Your work, your talents and your dedication are all noted and much appreciated.

Somerset Belenoff

Bite and Bleed

Rupert the Simple is a full-grown man

Whistle in his mouth, pig-sticker in his hand

Rooting with the grunters he’ll spill his seed

At the High Street Fair he’ll bite and bleed