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This site serves as the official external communication vehicle for the World Governing Council and the Wettin Upper Chamber. If you’ve been directed here for instruction, note that most messages are intentionally obscure. Audio files are up to date as of March, 2019 and underlying messages alternate between Kestrel and Tanager Nodes.

If you have difficulty understanding a particular message, you may reach out to Luxembourg Cathedral on Node 9 of the Forgotten Frequency. After authentication you may receive additional instruction. In the Upper Chamber we often say, “Debate is required, respectful dissent is allowed, and betrayal is death.” Delegates and Electors must bear this in mind whilst reading the instructions written herein. By the time information is posted here, the debate is over and dissent has been noted.

Best Regards,

Somerset Belenoff

Privy Seal - Somerset Belenoff

My Dear Ones in the United States

I am posting this as a general response to a multitude of messages coming from patriots in the US, requesting assistance in what is a turbulent, and very difficult time.

First, know that my heart and prayers are with you. With this post I send my heartfelt love and support, for I feel as you feel. The trouble within your soul resonates across all frequencies and it is my most fervent desire to send you hope and comfort. You are not alone.

Many who have written have asked that we intervene. “Save us!” is a common refrain that arises from the messages left in the private comment section of this blog. In many ways I wish it were possible to intervene and crush the enemies of freedom, but it is precisely because of your freedom that I cannot. I’ll try to explain, so please bear with me as I fumble though what is truthfully a very complex issue. It’s not just a legal issue; it’s a spiritual issue that involves, well… family. Yours and Mine – Ours.

We have a unique relationship with the US due to our shared history. It is a deep history that extends to a time much earlier than your American Revolution. I know I’m using a highly charged term here, but those who seek will understand: I’m speaking of the ancient shared bloodlines that bind together the people of United States, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Now, I of all people am well aware that the term, “Ancient Bloodlines” conjures up the worst possible images of the Illuminati, reptilian despots bent on world domination, or families that share a demonic entity as a common progenitor. That is NOT what “Ancient Bloodlines” really means. I speak plainly to you and tell you that these negative images are a perversion of our sacred, shared and very ancient bloodlines. Yours and Mine. We must reclaim that term and use it openly. For the last two or three hundred years there have been many authors who have written, or caused to be written, stories about malignant characters, who are related by blood, and who work in secret to bring about the enslavement of the common man. These authors, who are not part of our family (yours and mine), designed these stories for the specific purpose of distracting you from the truth of our shared bloodlines. Certainly there have been despots in our family tree, and of some of our ancestors, we are not proud, but it is time you knew the truth of our shared past.

You’ve probably heard that most of the past presidents of the United States have been related to one another. I believe Martin Van Buren is usually noted as the exception to this rule. While that’s true, there’s much, much more to the story, and it’s a story that prevents us from interfering in your political matters.

A Brief History of “Us”

Your ancestors founded a new branch of our family when they set out across the Atlantic to settle in what would become the United States of America. Whether they were part of the Great Puritan Migration whose pioneers settled in present-day New England or whether they were settlers who were granted land in the Northern Neck of Virginia, most of them ultimately descended from the great families. George Washington’s ancestors were cousins of Diana Spencer’s ancestors, and they lived on neighboring farms. At Althorp, the family seat of the Spencer family, and current home of Charles, the Ninth Earl Spencer, there’s a lovely piece of furniture called the Washington Chest, which was a gift from the Washingtons to their cousins, the Spencers.

This post isn’t about famous people or presidents though. Unbeknownst to many Americans, their pioneer ancestors were carrying on bloodlines that can be traced to the time of William the Conqueror’s arrival in England in 1066. Many of your ancestors traveled on William’s warships on the journey from Normandy to Hastings. Mine did too. Our ancestors fought alongside William and were awarded land and titles in the aftermath of the Conquest.

You should do some research on this, and I believe you’ll discover a multitude of interesting lines.

But continuing with our explanation of our shared connections… We are not machines. We are eternal beings with a soul and we are spiritually connected to one another. Families share both a bloodline connection, which, up to a point can be measured by DNA tests, and also a spiritual connection, which our current science cannot yet measure. I told you this was a complex issue, and I must admit, one that I find difficult to articulate. I can feel it, and I can see some of it. I can convey to you the image of an extended spiderweb, made of spiritual DNA, that connects us. When one member vibrates, so do the others. When your ancestors crossed the Atlantic, they extended both the physical and the spiritual web of our family. Though our shores may be miles apart, they are eternally connected by mystic chords of memory… (I humbly borrow the phrase from one of my heroes)

If we go deeper into the story, we feel the resonance of God’s intention to send people to found a nation based on His principles. I admit that at this point in the story I begin to lose my sight, for I am not a prophet and I cannot pretend to know the will of God. I can only tell you what I intuitively feel within me, and I believe in the core of my being that the Almighty inspired the migrations from my shores to yours, and He inspired your Founders.

No one can destroy from the outside what God has given as a gift, and for that reason, I have hope that we will recover from the current setback.

So what does this mean for the WGC’s relationship to the US?

In times past, global actors, working from the council over which I now preside, enjoyed almost unfettered access and influence to social, economic and political affairs in the US just as in many other countries throughout the world. When I was elected to the position of Director-General I was determined to implement changes that would set the United States apart with regard to global influence. I authored new rules for the Council, and many of these rules are informed by an understanding of our shared history, both spiritual and temporal.

Put simply, the House of Wettin is bound by certain inviolable rules, and the foremost of these rules is that we must respect the sovereignty of the United States. The World Governing Council is forbidden by its own charter from taking any action within the US or any of its territories. As I am the author of this particular rule, I find myself caught in my own trap, but I hope you see that the rule was implemented to protect the sacred sovereignty of your great nation. Family First. When we encounter enemies of freedom in areas outside the US, when we have influence, we exercise it with enthusiasm, but when dealing with your citizens, we must always err on the side of respect, and dare I say, even reverence.

Some of you have noted that my missive to the SCOTUS in February, 2018 has a tone much different from many of the other posts in this blog, and you have asked why we approached your law lords with a more respectful tone than we’ve used in communicating with other world leaders. It is specifically because of the unique relationship. When the Council speaks to US leaders, we speak as equals.

In closing, I feel the hurt that you feel and I share your worries. I also shed tears at this time, but I know you have endured much worse than this, and I promise it will pass. You will know great joy, for there is something that works within you that cannot be usurped. I have faith that God is with you always. You must also never forget that those who voted against you are also of God’s creation. In the same way that you struggle with living in a divided nation, they also struggle and in time they will grow and learn. We cannot hate a child because she doesn’t understand and even in our hurt and anger, we not supposed to hate our enemies, so I’m urging you to love. I hear the gears working in your heads and you are correct – I’m aware my reputation precedes me and I’m guilty of past deeds of great wrath, but through those who have been a light unto me, I do try to be better.

As always, I send you my love and heartfelt affection.

Ever yours,


Illness and Unrest

I wish to begin by sending a warm welcome and glad greetings to all who’ve begun monitoring or following this website. This is Glamis, calling to all of you, wherever you may be, hoping that you and yours are safe and well in this time of anxious unrest. It is my sincerest hope that I may convey some measure of comfort, though we are far from victory in either of our most recent endeavors.

Over the past several months, we’ve received many, many messages from our new audience, and this site has had hundreds of thousands of visitors. WGC staff now reads all comments posted to this blog and contrary to the way it may appear, none are ever deleted. Only those that we specifically approve for publication are visible to the general public but rest assured, if you have offered a comment, it is still there. Some that have been approved for publication have been responded to by members of my staff while others remain in queue and will be addressed in a more thoughtful post that I’ll be making soon. On behalf of my staff, I thank you for your thoughtful input.

My outreach planning has been significantly delayed by the onset of the worldwide Coronavirus outbreak, which has occupied much of our resources. Along those lines, and in response to the many questions you have posted on the subject, I’d like to say a few things related to the pandemic:

1. This pandemic is real, it’s not a false flag. If you haven’t personally been affected, chances are someone you know has been. I lost family to the disease early on in the course of the pandemic, when Italy was hit very hard, so I know, somewhat first-hand how devastating this virus can be.

2. It won’t last forever. My personal belief is that by the end of August, the rate of new infections will have slowed to the point where it will be safe to travel by air and gather together again with loved ones. That’s not a prediction, just my strong feeling.

3. Based on our research, I believe the virus was inadvertently released from a lab in China into the population due to poor control protocols. Having done a pretty thorough investigation into the genetic origins of the virus, it appears to bear all the hallmarks of a naturally evolved virus and it does not appear to bear the hallmarks of an engineered, weaponized virus. Here’s the chilling truth: An intentionally-engineered virus would likely have killed a much larger segment of the world’s population because the attack/grasp and penetrate mechanism of this virus isn’t as effective as it might have been. The new virus is horrible and deadly, but not as deadly as others I have seen that were specifically designed for mass destruction. When I have this conversation with friends, colleagues and family, the first question that always arises is, “If this virus came from nature, why was it in a Chinese lab?” The answer is that many research centers have live viruses and other nasty things in their laboratories. Usually the purpose is to study various biological attack mechanisms and then try to design defence agents. If there’s any kind of silver lining, it may be that this pandemic, horrible as it is, will move us to develop a broad spectrum antiviral, which might save us from a potentially more lethal virus at some point in the future.

This is important to know because living with the ravages of this pandemic is bad enough without having to fear that someone, somewhere is intentionally targeting us. I know that due to the evil behaviour we’ve seen from so many of those in power, many of you are beyond trusting, and you’ve come to believe that every natural disaster, every illness and every tragedy is intentionally designed to target humanity. Indeed, some of the comments left on this site specifically accuse me of leading a worldwide conspiracy to destroy all that is good. I’ve seen enough evil in my life that I can empathize with those who no longer trust, so I won’t try to dissuade you. It’s ok if you don’t trust me, or the media or your elected officials. I sincerely ask you though, as a fellow sentient being, please do not lose hope. Please consider that there has always been a struggle between those who wish to control and harm and those who wish to live in peace, but today, more of us are aware that it’s a struggle.

Within the past hundred years we’ve seen the rise of totalitarianism in various forms, and though Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot are gone, the struggle continues. But please consider this: The fact that some choose to fight against totalitarianism means that some have not been corrupted, and while there is struggle, there is hope.

Cities on Fire

Subsequent to our first encounters a few months ago, my staff promised to be as forthcoming as possible in responding to your queries, particularly within the context of current events and world governance. Indeed, in the wake of those earlier encounters, we’ve engaged in some brief, though I hope, meaningful dialogue.

In light of that promise, I’d like you to consider the civil unrest playing out in various places throughout the world, but particularly within the larger cities of the United States. The World Governing Council has been collecting intelligence on these activities through a variety of methods. We are specifically prohibited by our own chamber rules from taking any action within the United States, where such action might interfere with, or conflict with the rights established by the US Constitution. In another post I’ll provide more information regarding our relationship with the United States. For our purposes here, it’s sufficient to state that we are working with US authorities to track individuals believed to be involved in the financing of activities such as human trafficking and the funding of professional provocateurs. Here are a few questions to consider:

When you watch live coverage of protests, you will see that the majority of protestors are dressed in regular street clothes, no gas mask, no backpack. They are walking together with others who are similarly dressed. They may be chanting or carrying signs, but they appear to be regular people “from the neighborhood.” From our experience, which includes members of my staff who have attended many of these protests to observe the situation on the ground, people in this first group are hurting. They are frightened and they are sincerely asking for a change in police governance. They are grieving, and whether one agrees with all of their positions or not, we respect them as feeling, searching people and we hope they find comfort. On the other hand, you will also notice, especially after night falls, there are a few individuals dressed all in black with matching backpacks, armed with rocks or bricks, and sometimes even wearing gas masks. If you were to attempt to engage them in conversation, they respond with slogans and venom.

Why have we seen the same individuals from the second group in Seattle and Los Angeles on different days?

Why do people from the first group say to people from the second group, “You need to get out of here, you’re going to get us all killed!”

If the people from group 2 are traveling around the US as “professional insurgents,” who is paying for their airfare?

Why do pallets of bricks appear in front of businesses when the business owner didn’t order them? Who paid for the bricks and the delivery?

In the United States, whose interests are better served if the economy deteriorates even further?

In the spirit of transparency, I’d like to share with you the attached document, which was delivered by hand to the intended recipient on May 31.

Note: You may not be familiar with Mr. MacLeod, but decoders will prevail.

Until the next time, may God be with you and protect you always.

Ever Sincerely,


Quick Message to Misty, but Applicable to All Friends

This message is from Tessa-Lynne Gordy, Chief of Staff at World Governing Council.

Dear Misty, please do not take our lack of response as a sign of disrespect or that we do not appreciate your comments.

This site has not, at least traditionally, been monitored for comments as the general public has not been our audience. That being said, due to the significant interest and comments from people who are sincerely searching for answers in a complex word, we acknowledge that we are tardy in responding to those who have reached out. While we can’t respond individually to each comment, we’ve begun discussions at our facilities in Luxembourg City and at SHAPE (in Belgium) about keeping the GlamisCalling site open and issuing some posts related to common questions and comments from the public. Misty, your communication struck a chord with one of our Tower Communication Operators who escalated it to his manager who in turn passed it along to me. 

Please understand this is new for us and since what we’ve generally been referring to as “the awakening,” we recognize that we’ve entered uncharted territory. Based on data elements gleaned from some of our newly implemented technology we did in fact believe that we would soon find ourselves in a position where we might actually interact with members of the general public, but this eventuality happened sooner than we predicted and though the interaction has largely been with those who are of like mind, nevertheless our fundamental lack of preparedness for such interactions leave us in a position where we’re sort of “building the airplane while in flight.”

Managing communications in the wake of increased public awareness and the scrutiny that comes with it is a new chapter that we must undertake with care and love. We are honored and humbled that you have chosen to reach out to us. Although I myself am relatively new to the Council, the work done here has been performed in obscurity for a thousand years. Our predecessors of even a hundred years ago could not have imagined anything resembling this degree of public awareness or the enlightenment that informs your approach to, and interest in world governance. We, who are more accustomed to working in the dark, must tread lightly into a more public arena, but  we understand we must enter that arena as part of our commitment to ethical stewardship. 

We apologize for the lateness of this message and we ask your patience as we navigate these new waters. I speak on behalf of Council leadership when I say please know you are in our hearts and we are grateful for the opportunity to interact.

On a related note, please also forgive any errors in this communication. Normally all outgoing posts are vetted and proof-read, but after Misty’s note was sent to me for review, I and my colleagues agreed a prompt response was more important than a grammatically correct one.

Ever Sincerely,

Tessa-Lynne Gordy

Chief of Staff 


Are You Awake?

Let us, for a moment, speak plainly, for it is not often, in these turbulent times when we can speak openly about such things. Likely, the time will come again, soon, when we will move back to the shadows, for there is yet much work to do. For now though, many are awake and listening, so we may continue our exchange openly. Your adversaries will not understand, and even if they read, the words will be meaningless to them.

In these last few years you have awakened. You have risen up and created great change and you have resisted tyranny. You have tuned in and your vibratory frequencies have become heightened.

Make no mistake though. The change did not make YOU. Rather, YOU made the change.

Recently, a lovely angel said, “Do they know we’ve learned to decode?”

Yes, you have. It’s quite evident that you’ve become proficient at solving puzzles.

But please remember: Your strength is not in solving puzzles. Your greatest strength may be your love of all that is good, your love of freedom and your inherent belief that tomorrow will be better than yesterday.

By contrast, the greatest weakness of your adversaries is that they have lost the ability to love anything outside of themselves. In their hubris they are asleep, and asleep. they have no awareness whatsoever that their habitat is receding. Swamp striders asleep, and rendered deaf by their own spell.

And meanwhile, more judges are appointed. While swamp striders hiss and yowl at every tweet, they are blind to the good that prevails. Your advocate is a great distractor, and your adversaries are very easily distracted.

Be of good cheer, and keep your eyes open.

Jurbise Power Station

System integrity review is complete. Queue Capricorn uploads on Arundel Frequency Geronimo node and relay to Cathedral. Relay with slide-com to Rogers Dry Lake and provide over-watch for Durango Jubilee Tesla.

All Delegates and Electors

Glamis Calling is undergoing upgrades to align with VibeSat capabilities. Throughout the remainder of 2019, communications from the Upper Chamber will be delivered via bio-chips or through alternative, non-secure media. Set personal devices and align vibrational frequencies according to previous instructions and contact Luxembourg Cathedral on Forgotten Frequency using Hyacinth pattern on Node 9. Keep the aspidistra flying.

Washington Tower – Maritime Alert

Be advised, RAF Flyingdales is tracking a seagoing vessel bound for the Port of Philadelphia. The ship is the MSC Gayane, IMO #9770763, MMSI 636018276, sailing under a Liberian flag. Flyingdales is monitoring via S-AIS and IntelliSat-6 and Cathedral has engaged Dark Vigilance protocols. Initial VibeSat intelligence suggests the vessel is likely transporting a historically significant quantity of narcotics.

Since clearing Bahamian waters, the Gayane has veered from the expected course several times, deviating from traditional shipping lanes. We believe these maneuvers are attempts to avoid oceanic observation outposts and floating sensors.

ETA at Port of Philadelphia is June 18. The status of this communication is “Informational Alert,” and you are not required to take action. Advise Luxembourg Cathedral of your intentions via Lost Lullaby frequency within 12 hours. Should you elect not to take action against the vessel, Cathedral will assume point and will intercept the Gayane on the open sea.