Quick Message to Misty, but Applicable to All Friends

This message is from Tessa-Lynne Gordy, Chief of Staff at World Governing Council.

Dear Misty, please do not take our lack of response as a sign of disrespect or that we do not appreciate your comments.

This site has not, at least traditionally, been monitored for comments as the general public has not been our audience. That being said, due to the significant interest and comments from people who are sincerely searching for answers in a complex word, we acknowledge that we are tardy in responding to those who have reached out. While we can’t respond individually to each comment, we’ve begun discussions at our facilities in Luxembourg City and at SHAPE (in Belgium) about keeping the GlamisCalling site open and issuing some posts related to common questions and comments from the public. Misty, your communication struck a chord with one of our Tower Communication Operators who escalated it to his manager who in turn passed it along to me. 

Please understand this is new for us and since what we’ve generally been referring to as “the awakening,” we recognize that we’ve entered uncharted territory. Based on data elements gleaned from some of our newly implemented technology we did in fact believe that we would soon find ourselves in a position where we might actually interact with members of the general public, but this eventuality happened sooner than we predicted and though the interaction has largely been with those who are of like mind, nevertheless our fundamental lack of preparedness for such interactions leave us in a position where we’re sort of “building the airplane while in flight.”

Managing communications in the wake of increased public awareness and the scrutiny that comes with it is a new chapter that we must undertake with care and love. We are honored and humbled that you have chosen to reach out to us. Although I myself am relatively new to the Council, the work done here has been performed in obscurity for a thousand years. Our predecessors of even a hundred years ago could not have imagined anything resembling this degree of public awareness or the enlightenment that informs your approach to, and interest in world governance. We, who are more accustomed to working in the dark, must tread lightly into a more public arena, but  we understand we must enter that arena as part of our commitment to ethical stewardship. 

We apologize for the lateness of this message and we ask your patience as we navigate these new waters. I speak on behalf of Council leadership when I say please know you are in our hearts and we are grateful for the opportunity to interact.

On a related note, please also forgive any errors in this communication. Normally all outgoing posts are vetted and proof-read, but after Misty’s note was sent to me for review, I and my colleagues agreed a prompt response was more important than a grammatically correct one.

Ever Sincerely,

Tessa-Lynne Gordy

Chief of Staff