Washington Tower

A Washington Tower operator has attempted to contact Cathedral via Forgotten Frequency, but the operator entered invalid authentication credentials and therefore was not able to proceed beyond Janus Port.

The new administration will not be able to access nodes or frequencies without updated credentials, and we regret that we are not able to assist you at this time.

When appropriate, Mr. Clover will provide additional direction.

Note: We are posting this information on glamiscalling in the spirit of transparency, and for the benefit of our new audience.

Bohemian Grove Divestiture

As of January 20, 2021, Belenoff-Glamis Group, International and Rosebel Industries have sold all interest in the Monte Rio property.

Having disposed of our property rights, Glamis hereby ceases to provide any oversight for the property or the activities of BGC. Grand Guardian hereby withdraws any support previously provided.

See Mr. Clover for expanded detail.

Freedom Seekers – United States Audience

We have intelligence suggesting agents provocateurs will attempt to disrupt today’s Presidential inauguration as attempt to create a false flag scenario and cast aspersions on peaceful, dissenting Patriot voices. Our confidence level with regard to this intelligence is very high.

To those who love your country, we say be wary. If you are protesting peacefully and you notice agents in the crowd attempting to misrepresent your intentions, call them out peacefully, and with your actions, distance yourself. This is not a Wettin directive, but a a friendly communication from Glamis.

At the request of the outgoing US President, Cathedral has deployed VibeSat. VibeSat deployment will end today at 12:00 PM US EST/6PM CET.

We send our love and deep affection,

Tiamet Marbani