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3 thoughts on “A Murder of Crows

  1. Thank you Sara, for your kind words. In answer to your friend Lynn’s question, there are many who intervene every day to help those who suffer. We can each do our best to comfort those with reach and you are both doing that, so we are on this quest together. My thanks to you and to Lynn for the good you put into the world. In spite of everything you have not become jaded, bitter, or indifferent to those less fortunate. May much love and the brightest of blessings flow to you.
    Ever Sincerely,

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  2. I just wanted to reach out and tell you that I am with you in the quest to make this world love again. I am with you in the struggle to expose the truth. I’ve lost “friends” and family over my insistence that something is wrong. Not a soul believes me, with the exception of my dear best friend Lynn. I told Lynn the story of Somerset righting the wrongs in the situation with the witch who had been stealing people’s pets. It broke my heart when she teared up and said, “Will she be the one who helps the suffering?” Godspeed and thank you~

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