Windsor Tower, Prepare for Storm

Initiative Q is approved by Glamis and the Upper Chamber. Prepare posts for Winterfylleth 28 on Channel 4.

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4 thoughts on “Windsor Tower, Prepare for Storm

  1. Dearest Nicole, thank you for raising your voice above the cacaphony and making us hear. You have no idea… it’s been very hectic here and for the past three weeks I’ve given strict orders not to be disturbed during certain hours, and as you might imagine, most staff are too intimidated to breach those orders. The Tower Communication supervisor who read your comment spoke to three other managers while holding a print out of your message in his hands. He came to my office door and asked if he could approach and I asked if it could wait. His exact words to me were, “With respect, ma’am, this cannot.” I thanked him for his perseverance. His name is Gérard and he has been with us only for one year. I am grateful to him for his insistence and doubly so to you for reminding me. I just updated the blog with some info that might be helpful, including a little bit of behind the scenes information related to steps we’re taking to get a handle on the protest situation in the US. To you, personally I will say that we are not as divided on the streets or in the church as we appear to be in social media. My employees are literally on the ground in US cities blending in with locals and marching with them to add comfort when they can and overall to better understand firsthand the vibe in the streets. We believe there is much harmony between the races that is not reported in the news media. Local, ordinary people are by and large not burning and looting. We’ve seen time and time again that Antifa arrives on the scene after dark, prepared for violence and they quickly change the mood of the situation. The burning and vandalism is largely the work of professional insurgents. We’re tracking the financiers and making arrests when we find them outside of the US. We arrested two high level agitators in Venezuela last week. We sought and received permission to transport them to a more remote venue for further investigation. That’s a long winded way of saying, “We’re working on it.” Please hug your children and tell them they are loved and all will be well… we have a ways to go but the outlook is not as bleak as many media sources would have you believe.

    Be of strong spirit and stout heart, dear Nicole. Wishing you many blessings,
    – Somerset

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  2. As I sit hear today while I watch cities burn along with my home town, I am in tears. My children are in fear and all I can tell them is to pray to God to keep us safe. You told me a while ago someone from WGC would address the world. Well, we have not seen anyone or heard anyone address anything. When will the world hear from WGC? After our cities are destroyed and hoses won’t even wash the bloodshed away anymore? The world is so divided by race right now that we might never heal from this. When is enough enough? We law abiding citizens do not want this!!
    What is the ending for this? Speak up!!! President Trump is doing all he can. Some help would be nice. Together we are strong. Divided we all lose.
    Sincerely, Nicole

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  3. Hello Nicole, my name is Jean-Claude and I’ve been asked to respond to your comments on behalf of Tower staff. There are so many comments and we’ve been told that in coming weeks there will be a large posting by our senior leadership, most likely by the Countess herself. There is much to say and we have promised to speak to some of the questions that arise. Please also forgive my English. Not my first language and I’m instructed to use my own words and above everything make sure I get this main point through: We provided at the outset some of the structures for the first communications for what people have referred to as Q, but it’s important that people understand we are not ourselves Q and that Q is of origin of the United States. We here at Luxembourg Cathedral or “Tower” are a technical and communication arm of the World Governing Council. As such we are supportive of the efforts of your President and your Constitution but we are forbidden by our own Chamber rules from direct interference or manipulation of US affairs. I would like to say personally that your comments are very kind and I thank you for this. Please stay safe and well.


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  4. Hello Lord High Governor, When attention was brought to this site I skimmed through it and believed but also disbelieved while skimming the archives. Now with CO19 keeping us at home I decided to look farther into the archives with pen and pencil in hand. Needless to say, all I ever thought about our world and government is now proved different by looking into your archives. I never knew there was a WGC. I do not understand some of what is in the archives but I will keep researching and continue to learn. I see you initiated Q. That is interesting because everyone believes Q+ is President Trump and I will admit I also did. Now, I believe a member of the WGC is actually Q+ and team. Could I be right by this belief? If so, Thank you for waking the masses up. Have a wonderful afternoon. Sincerely, Nicole

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