In Winterfylleth, it is our custom that many will journey to this side of the veil. You will instruct Neti to open the Seven Gates, and withdraw his hounds, that our visitors may pass.

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One thought on “Ereshkigal

  1. Namaskar and Greetings People,

    Firstly, I wish to express gratitude especially for the latest two posts. I find them to be heartening. I have been checking this site for any updates and today it dawned on me to ask. May You offer any clarity to the current situation around the world about the supposed virus? In my view, the world governments are violating Our divine rights & freewill more than ever seen in my current lifetime. Our right to use Our legs to meet & travel is being violated (many times violently).

    There must be a great karmic cost for exercising such severe measures of control. May You shine a light on the point of this? May You give any advice to Us about what is coming?

    If it is in accordance with Your discernment and freewill to honor this with a response, I would be much appreciative. If not, I will understand. Thank you for all You do in alignment with Love & all the best to You and Your Families.

    With Love and Sincerity,

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