Butterfield 4391

Audio from the Other Side

When searching into the past, to find valid information, we are sometimes able to connect momentarily, using VibeSat technology developed by our Bedlam team. This is possible when vibrational parity exists between planes, but eventually the frequency becomes unstable and the signal is lost. Stella Daniels has brought us a long way and we appreciate her visionary work. In the coming weeks we will see improvement in stability of our most useful VibeSat frequencies and a significant improvement in vibrational parity, as we learn to manipulate the time-curvature. Many thanks to our friends from Bedlam who have given so much that we might advance so far. Special thanks to Miss Vanessa Payne, who made the ultimate sacrifice and continues to assist us from her new assignment location on the Lower Astral. Your work, your talents and your dedication are all noted and much appreciated.

Somerset Belenoff

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9 thoughts on “Butterfield 4391

  1. I understand in my soul the love connection with all beings is the only way it’s always been that way since I was a child I find it very comfortable here reading everything that I do.
    Thank you for sharing


  2. Dearest Andrea, I am very late in responding to your message as our normal routines here at Cathedral have become somewhat irregular due to current events being what they are. I do hope this missive finds you in good health and I am deeply humbled that you should think of me at this time of the year. I am heartened to learn of Alexander’s gift and his continued connection to Christopher, as it’s yet another example of a familiar story…. the veil that appears to separate us from loved ones who have “passed” seems to be easily pierced by twins. You and your family are blessed to have such spirits as Alexander and Christopher as companions in this life.

    On a side note, your “redheaded temper” is also a gift. I myself am not blessed with red hair, but my father was, and one of my daughters is a fiery-haired army-of-one!

    In closing, thank you so much for the kind wishes, and I send you and yours my heartfelt affection.

    Ever Sincerely,

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  3. Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday,Countess! I apologize for the lateness of my wish for your birthday,April 29 was the 25th anniversary of my son Christopher’s passing,and his surviving twin,Alexander had “visits” with Christopher all week.Alex is autistic,but he speaks when it suits him,and he had quite a chatty “visit” the other night with Chris,his father was shocked to hear both of their voices clearly in conversation,LOL.I am used to it as I’ve heard them before.I have been called a witch all my life,I do not practice the craft,nor follow any rules except for the ones that I know in my heart to be right,honest,and true.Always mindful that my redheaded temper and intentions can cause harm to others.Lessons learned the hard way.My children and my granddaughter seem to have the gifts as well.Perhaps that is why I was drawn to you,a kinship I felt.But I am rambling.I do hope all is well with you,and that you had a wonderful birthday. Affectionately,Andrea, Lacy Rader Frowein

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  5. Dearest Andrea, thank you for your kind greeting! My name is Lucas de Chevigné and I’ve been asked to respond to you on behalf of the Countess and to convey her fond wishes. She asked me to let you know she very much enjoyed your earlier message in Novembre where you mentioned you are from Dayton, Ohio. She said it prompted her to reflect on a visit she once made to that area many years ago. Her visit and connection with some people in the area made a strong impression on her and she asked me to tell you that she plans to respond in greater detail in the near future, after certain events have calmed down on the world stage, but particularly in the US. May God keep you safe and well.

    With Respect,

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  6. Hoping that you and yours enjoyed a peaceful holiday season,a very happy new year to you My Lady! Affectionately ,Andrea Jean Lacy- Rader -Frowein

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  7. Dear Andrea, there is no need for the fear. I apologize for the lateness of the hour. You are a sweet, good soul and though the times we’re experiencing are challenging, we will overcome. I think whatever is causing you to feel a sense that a great shift is coming may simply be foreboding intuitions that come to us as a sort of a heads-up so that we might take evasive action. You are strong and your example is more helpful for your children than you can ever know.

    Last Thing: Great job on figuring out Tong MacLeod! You are the fist to notice that. When he was with us in the UK for a visit I assigned his security detail and bestowed upon him the security alias “Yankee Doodle” This was after he had forgotten his etiquette and walked ahead of the Queen. I teased him with a line from the American Revolution song, which contains the line, “Mind the music and your step…” So when he made a mistake in the procession and stepped ahead of the Queen, I said, “Mind your step, Yankee Doodle.” Of course it was done in a spirit of camaraderie and he rather enjoyed the little inside joke. But he never stepped in front of the Monarch again during that visit.

    It didn’t take long for a local paper to catch us using pet names, though, and for the remainder of his visit we used Tong MacLoead for security purposes. I imagine you’ve done some digging into his Scottish roots and discovered the meaning of such a small detail in my post 🙂

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  8. My Lady,it is with great respect,and I must admit,some fear,that I write this.I have felt a great shift or change in this realm,and others,that I can’t explain to anyone,but I suspect that you know of what I speak. I fear for my children and grandchildren in this realm,and on the other side. Something drew me to this site,although I am not sure why.The technology you speak of here is fascinating and frightening.I wish you well in these uncertain times. , Thank you for letting me comment,Andrea Frowein

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