My Dear Ones in the United States

I am posting this as a general response to a multitude of messages coming from patriots in the US, requesting assistance in what is a turbulent, and very difficult time.

First, know that my heart and prayers are with you. With this post I send my heartfelt love and support, for I feel as you feel. The trouble within your soul resonates across all frequencies and it is my most fervent desire to send you hope and comfort. You are not alone.

Many who have written have asked that we intervene. “Save us!” is a common refrain that arises from the messages left in the private comment section of this blog. In many ways I wish it were possible to intervene and crush the enemies of freedom, but it is precisely because of your freedom that I cannot. I’ll try to explain, so please bear with me as I fumble though what is truthfully a very complex issue. It’s not just a legal issue; it’s a spiritual issue that involves, well… family. Yours and Mine – Ours.

We have a unique relationship with the US due to our shared history. It is a deep history that extends to a time much earlier than your American Revolution. I know I’m using a highly charged term here, but those who seek will understand: I’m speaking of the ancient shared bloodlines that bind together the people of United States, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Now, I of all people am well aware that the term, “Ancient Bloodlines” conjures up the worst possible images of the Illuminati, reptilian despots bent on world domination, or families that share a demonic entity as a common progenitor. That is NOT what “Ancient Bloodlines” really means. I speak plainly to you and tell you that these negative images are a perversion of our sacred, shared and very ancient bloodlines. Yours and Mine. We must reclaim that term and use it openly. For the last two or three hundred years there have been many authors who have written, or caused to be written, stories about malignant characters, who are related by blood, and who work in secret to bring about the enslavement of the common man. These authors, who are not part of our family (yours and mine), designed these stories for the specific purpose of distracting you from the truth of our shared bloodlines. Certainly there have been despots in our family tree, and of some of our ancestors, we are not proud, but it is time you knew the truth of our shared past.

You’ve probably heard that most of the past presidents of the United States have been related to one another. I believe Martin Van Buren is usually noted as the exception to this rule. While that’s true, there’s much, much more to the story, and it’s a story that prevents us from interfering in your political matters.

A Brief History of “Us”

Your ancestors founded a new branch of our family when they set out across the Atlantic to settle in what would become the United States of America. Whether they were part of the Great Puritan Migration whose pioneers settled in present-day New England or whether they were settlers who were granted land in the Northern Neck of Virginia, most of them ultimately descended from the great families. George Washington’s ancestors were cousins of Diana Spencer’s ancestors, and they lived on neighboring farms. At Althorp, the family seat of the Spencer family, and current home of Charles, the Ninth Earl Spencer, there’s a lovely piece of furniture called the Washington Chest, which was a gift from the Washingtons to their cousins, the Spencers.

This post isn’t about famous people or presidents though. Unbeknownst to many Americans, their pioneer ancestors were carrying on bloodlines that can be traced to the time of William the Conqueror’s arrival in England in 1066. Many of your ancestors traveled on William’s warships on the journey from Normandy to Hastings. Mine did too. Our ancestors fought alongside William and were awarded land and titles in the aftermath of the Conquest.

You should do some research on this, and I believe you’ll discover a multitude of interesting lines.

But continuing with our explanation of our shared connections… We are not machines. We are eternal beings with a soul and we are spiritually connected to one another. Families share both a bloodline connection, which, up to a point can be measured by DNA tests, and also a spiritual connection, which our current science cannot yet measure. I told you this was a complex issue, and I must admit, one that I find difficult to articulate. I can feel it, and I can see some of it. I can convey to you the image of an extended spiderweb, made of spiritual DNA, that connects us. When one member vibrates, so do the others. When your ancestors crossed the Atlantic, they extended both the physical and the spiritual web of our family. Though our shores may be miles apart, they are eternally connected by mystic chords of memory… (I humbly borrow the phrase from one of my heroes)

If we go deeper into the story, we feel the resonance of God’s intention to send people to found a nation based on His principles. I admit that at this point in the story I begin to lose my sight, for I am not a prophet and I cannot pretend to know the will of God. I can only tell you what I intuitively feel within me, and I believe in the core of my being that the Almighty inspired the migrations from my shores to yours, and He inspired your Founders.

No one can destroy from the outside what God has given as a gift, and for that reason, I have hope that we will recover from the current setback.

So what does this mean for the WGC’s relationship to the US?

In times past, global actors, working from the council over which I now preside, enjoyed almost unfettered access and influence to social, economic and political affairs in the US just as in many other countries throughout the world. When I was elected to the position of Director-General I was determined to implement changes that would set the United States apart with regard to global influence. I authored new rules for the Council, and many of these rules are informed by an understanding of our shared history, both spiritual and temporal.

Put simply, the House of Wettin is bound by certain inviolable rules, and the foremost of these rules is that we must respect the sovereignty of the United States. The World Governing Council is forbidden by its own charter from taking any action within the US or any of its territories. As I am the author of this particular rule, I find myself caught in my own trap, but I hope you see that the rule was implemented to protect the sacred sovereignty of your great nation. Family First. When we encounter enemies of freedom in areas outside the US, when we have influence, we exercise it with enthusiasm, but when dealing with your citizens, we must always err on the side of respect, and dare I say, even reverence.

Some of you have noted that my missive to the SCOTUS in February, 2018 has a tone much different from many of the other posts in this blog, and you have asked why we approached your law lords with a more respectful tone than we’ve used in communicating with other world leaders. It is specifically because of the unique relationship. When the Council speaks to US leaders, we speak as equals.

In closing, I feel the hurt that you feel and I share your worries. I also shed tears at this time, but I know you have endured much worse than this, and I promise it will pass. You will know great joy, for there is something that works within you that cannot be usurped. I have faith that God is with you always. You must also never forget that those who voted against you are also of God’s creation. In the same way that you struggle with living in a divided nation, they also struggle and in time they will grow and learn. We cannot hate a child because she doesn’t understand and even in our hurt and anger, we not supposed to hate our enemies, so I’m urging you to love. I hear the gears working in your heads and you are correct – I’m aware my reputation precedes me and I’m guilty of past deeds of great wrath, but through those who have been a light unto me, I do try to be better.

As always, I send you my love and heartfelt affection.

Ever yours,


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