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Dear reader: Since this site became public, there’s been a great deal of speculation online about the purpose of the site and about our actions immediately after we were “exposed” by content providers in both the United States and Australia. It’s been a very busy year, and though there’s been some communication over the past year, we, or more forthrightly, I, haven’t addressed some specific questions that you’ve asked. This landing page seemed the best place to address these questions, since it’s the page that we initially used as an introduction for our intended audience (prior to our exposure) to Glamis Calling, as a temporary communication site. Although the content below addresses questions specific to this site and our actions immediately following our wide public exposure, we will issue a more expansive FAQ in the near future to cover other questions we’ve received.

Why did we use a basic blog to house important communications/why do the archived messages go back to 2016 when the blog was created in 2019?

Glamis Calling was originally launched in 2019 as a temporary/interstitial portal for WGC delegates, electors and approved associates during the overhaul of our secure communication platforms and communication archive site, which was hosted on the deep web. You can find references to these upgrades in our archive, some of which were gradually implemented beginning in May of 2019. Via separate, offline communications, our associates had been directed to the Glamis Calling blog, and we provided an introduction that still exists (in italic font) at the bottom of this post. Glamis Calling includes an archive of directives and posts going back to 2016. Communications prior to 2016 were not copied over to this temporary site.

Initial Plans for This Blog

When we launched Glamis Calling, we expected it would be up for a few months, at most. Though we were aware that others, outside of our intended audience, might stumble across the site, we opted to accept that risk in return for allowing easy access to our associates abroad, whose sign-in credentials had been suspended at a certain point while the official platforms were being upgraded. We traded secure access for ease of access; we used a format that we could set up quickly and that could be easily navigated by our intended audience. We were confident that our more sensitive communications were crafted in such a manner that those outside our intended audience would not be able to decode them.

As part of our effort to upgrade our communication systems, we hired a new, brilliant Chief of Technology (Tiamet Marbani) who literally added new dimensions to our communications platforms. The innovations and upgrades were wonderful, but though some were implemented in mid-2019, the more expansive upgrades wouldn’t be fully coded until the first quarter of 2020. This delay meant that every day this site remained up, we continued to risk exposure.

Each time we voted to extend the timeline for implementing the improvements on our secure platforms, we also voted to accept the risk that this blog would be discovered by a larger audience, and each time we voted to accept that risk, we effectively became more comfortable with the idea of exposure. Still, as we worked to add new features to our upgraded platforms, uneventful months rolled by, without anyone from the general public taking notice of our blog. Keep in mind, all of this was occurring within the context of an Awakening, and a raising of consciousness, after all, and we had already begun to discuss what it would look like to work more openly. Also, through other means, also spearheaded by Tiamet, we had some indications that we would soon enter a new phase of more public engagement. Though we expected some form of engagement, we didn’t expect it to happen so quickly and on such a large scale, and candidly, we were not sufficiently prepared for the attention that ultimately came our way when we were “exposed.”

Exposure of Glamis Calling and Our Immediate Actions

When the exposure occurred, we weren’t sure exactly what was happening. At first, we were simply aware that our blog was being viewed by thousands of visitors, and we were aware that we had been mentioned by several high-profile content creators on various social media platforms. It’s important to understand that this exposure occurred in the middle of an ugly, complex conflict with some dangerous characters from within and outside of the WGC. Our immediate concern was that the exposure was connected to that conflict. Within the first 24 hours of our blog being viewed by the first massive wave of visitors, we ascertained that the large number of visitors to our site was the result of organic, public curiosity, driven largely by the fact that influential content creators had mentioned us, and that the attention to our blog was completely unrelated to the aforementioned conflict.

In those first hours after our site “went viral,” we had a myriad of questions… Was the Glamis Calling blog the only thing that was exposed, or were our sensitive systems compromised? What about our staging and testing sites, which were being used to test our new platforms? Was the attention on social media simply the result of curious seekers, or were powerful adversaries creating a diversion, whereby they would attack more sensitive elements of Luxembourg Cathedral whilst our attention was focused on Glamis Calling’s public exposure?

We needed to take steps to protect our information systems and assess the extent of the danger, determine whether we had been breached, whether data was lost and whether our property or more importantly, our people, were in immediate physical danger.

In the first hours following that first wave of visitors, we took a few precautionary measures that were not well-understood by the public, and until now have not been explained by us.

First, we moved Shadow Lion into place, checked the integrity of internal systems and local power stations (e.g., Jurbise) then we reached out to critical partners in the US and UK to ensure they hadn’t been harmed or breached. We took Glamis Calling offline, which caused quite a stir.

We also took two adversarial website sites offline. One was a site based in Europe, owned by people who, over the years have physically stalked me and have employed various schemes to unearth information about me. I have certain routines that they’ve become aware of, and several times I’ve been “approached from a distance” (because they haven’t summoned the nerve to get very close to me) by their associates and investigators. Once I was approached whilst visiting a cemetery, and once when I was a guest speaker at a university graduation. We’ve played a game of cat and mouse over the years; I’ve never felt threatened, and always believed these people to be harmless… nevertheless, I needed to be sure they weren’t being used by more nefarious characters.

The second site we took offline was owned by a Los Angeles-based marketing firm, which had set up an elaborate hoax website featuring my daughter and a few WGC associates. We believe the hoax was intended as a viral marketing campaign for a restaurant that ultimately failed to launch. In the end, we determined the marketing firm was not connected in any way to the aforementioned conflict with the Lower Chamber, but it likely contributed to the heightened awareness of our family and indirectly, to the World Governing Council.

When we took these sites offline, the public noticed, and commented vociferously.

The public’s intuitive, and I think reasonable reaction was that we were censoring content deemed to be critical of our efforts, but in fact we needed to assure ourselves that the creators of these critical sites were not aligned with the malicious characters in the Lower Chamber, with whom we were locked in what amounted to a literal life and death struggle.

We took a hard look at the content creators of these sites and determined that none of these people were connected to our conflict with Lower Chamber members, rather, the exposure of Glamis Calling was the result of truth seekers doing what they’re supposed to do.

We allowed the adversarial European site to resume activity and publication within a day or so, and we came to an understanding with the California marketing firm that had created the hoax restaurant site. We deleted the content of their site and they agreed not to recreate it. We in turn agreed not to pursue the matter further. I believe the European-based “expose Belenoff” site is still in operation but my staff no longer keeps up with their content.

Not Quite Business As Usual

Once we determined that all was well, we brought Glamis Calling back online and issued a statement to our new audience, acknowledging that we had entered a new phase of engagement. Committing to a more inclusive, open approach, we opted not to delete any of the archived communications that had been copied over from the secure site, and they are still available here for your review.

While all this was happening, our Lower Chamber adversaries took notice. Our intelligence indicated they were poised to interfere with several social media influencers who were reporting on us, but we don’t understand the motivation behind this intended interference. We moved Shadow Lion into place to ensure these influencers would be able to operate freely, but there were some close calls. We understand these social media content creators are critical of us, and perhaps we may count some of them as adversaries, but we also understand they have an important role in free speech, which is a crucial component of any free society. Though some of their reporting misses the mark for accuracy, we understand this is in large part due to our historical secrecy. If we have been less than transparent, it is inevitable that much of our work will only be seen through a glass darkly.

In our initial communications to the public following the exposure, we stated it was our intention to leave the site up for a time, but that we would eventually take it off line and move quietly back into the shadows. Ironically, just a few days after our “viral exposure” occurred, we completed the upgrades on our secure platforms and migrated our communications to these platforms. Sensitive communications are now handled through our upgraded systems and for the most part, the blog you’re reading now, (Glamis Calling) is used to communicate with our new audience. It is our hope that the public will understand our work sometimes requires us to keep some communications private, and it is out of necessity, and not malice, that we maintain a secure and separate platform for sensitive communications. That being said, we will from time to time, use this site to mirror certain communications to world leaders, especially when we want them to know that you’re watching!

In getting to know our readers, it has become apparent to me, and to my staff, that your goals are very closely aligned with ours, and despite appearances, we have made good progress in supporting our common goals. In the current sociopolitical environment, it may appear as though we’re taking one step forward and ten steps back, but rest assured, things are not as bad as they seem.

An Uncharted Future

Soon after our initial publication was released, one of our new audience members, (I call her Firefly) said that she hoped we would keep the site up as long as possible. Firefly was the first big-name content creator/thought leader to bring attention to Glamis Calling. We believe our exposure was in large part, due to her reporting. As a content creator she is fearless, like a tiger. In her reporting she holds nothing back in her opposition to tyranny. Unlike many content providers, she doesn’t cater to the expectations of her audience, rather, she reports her findings as she sees them. Her request that we keep the site up was in effect, the opposition saying, “If you have nothing to hide, stay in the light. Let us inspect your work product.” We felt that we could not, in good faith refuse her request, and this site will remain online for the foreseeable future.

I hope this post helps illustrate our commitment to work with as much transparency as possible. We appreciate the feedback left as comments attached to our historical posts and I assure you, none are ever deleted. All feedback is read by my staff and your comments are included in a report that I review on a regular basis. I am grateful for the opportunity to engage with you and look forward to a better year in 2021.

– SB

The language shown below in italics was used to introduce this blog to our original audience when we rolled it out in January, 2019. As such, it includes some of the original introductory language copied over from the secure site. The note about audio files being updated in March, 2019 was added because original audience members needed to switch to kestrel and Tanager Nodes in order to properly interpret the recordings.

It’s also important to note that the reference “betrayal is death,” was a communication to our original target audience of WGC delegates and electors and is not directed at the general public. At the time this blog was posted, we did not anticipate that it would be read by the general public. When we realized thousands of people were regularly visiting this blog, we considered removing this reference, as it might be misunderstood by the public and we didn’t want to cause alarm, however, we believe a fair reading of the introduction below would lead the reader to understand that the audience referenced is a specific population of delegates and electors who are contractually bound to the directives of the Upper Chamber. We re-state for emphasis: The general public is beyond the purview of Glamis, the WGC and the Upper Chamber and this onerous reference does not apply.

This site serves as the official external communication vehicle for the World Governing Council and the Wettin Upper Chamber. If you’ve been directed here for instruction, note that most messages are intentionally obscure. Audio files are up to date as of March, 2019 and underlying messages alternate between Kestrel and Tanager Nodes.

If you have difficulty understanding a particular message, you may reach out to Luxembourg Cathedral on Node 9 of the Forgotten Frequency. After authentication you may receive additional instruction. In the Upper Chamber we often say, “Debate is required, respectful dissent is allowed, and betrayal is death.” Delegates and Electors must bear this in mind whilst reading the instructions written herein. By the time information is posted here, the debate is over and dissent has been noted.

Best Regards,

Somerset Belenoff

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