Are You Awake?

Let us, for a moment, speak plainly, for it is not often, in these turbulent times when we can speak openly about such things. Likely, the time will come again, soon, when we will move back to the shadows, for there is yet much work to do. For now though, many are awake and listening, so we may continue our exchange openly. Your adversaries will not understand, and even if they read, the words will be meaningless to them.

In these last few years you have awakened. You have risen up and created great change and you have resisted tyranny. You have tuned in and your vibratory frequencies have become heightened.

Make no mistake though. The change did not make YOU. Rather, YOU made the change.

Recently, a lovely angel said, “Do they know we’ve learned to decode?”

Yes, you have. It’s quite evident that you’ve become proficient at solving puzzles.

But please remember: Your strength is not in solving puzzles. Your greatest strength may be your love of all that is good, your love of freedom and your inherent belief that tomorrow will be better than yesterday.

By contrast, the greatest weakness of your adversaries is that they have lost the ability to love anything outside of themselves. In their hubris they are asleep, and asleep. they have no awareness whatsoever that their habitat is receding. Swamp striders asleep, and rendered deaf by their own spell.

And meanwhile, more judges are appointed. While swamp striders hiss and yowl at every tweet, they are blind to the good that prevails. Your advocate is a great distractor, and your adversaries are very easily distracted.

Be of good cheer, and keep your eyes open.

Jurbise Power Station

System integrity review is complete. Queue Capricorn uploads on Arundel Frequency Geronimo node and relay to Cathedral. Relay with slide-com to Rogers Dry Lake and provide over-watch for Durango Jubilee Tesla.

All Delegates and Electors

Glamis Calling is undergoing upgrades to align with VibeSat capabilities. Throughout the remainder of 2019, communications from the Upper Chamber will be delivered via bio-chips or through alternative, non-secure media. Set personal devices and align vibrational frequencies according to previous instructions and contact Luxembourg Cathedral on Forgotten Frequency using Hyacinth pattern on Node 9. Keep the aspidistra flying.

Washington Tower – Maritime Alert

Be advised, RAF Flyingdales is tracking a seagoing vessel bound for the Port of Philadelphia. The ship is the MSC Gayane, IMO #9770763, MMSI 636018276, sailing under a Liberian flag. Flyingdales is monitoring via S-AIS and IntelliSat-6 and Cathedral has engaged Dark Vigilance protocols. Initial VibeSat intelligence suggests the vessel is likely transporting a historically significant quantity of narcotics.

Since clearing Bahamian waters, the Gayane has veered from the expected course several times, deviating from traditional shipping lanes. We believe these maneuvers are attempts to avoid oceanic observation outposts and floating sensors.

ETA at Port of Philadelphia is June 18. The status of this communication is “Informational Alert,” and you are not required to take action. Advise Luxembourg Cathedral of your intentions via Lost Lullaby frequency within 12 hours. Should you elect not to take action against the vessel, Cathedral will assume point and will intercept the Gayane on the open sea.

Westminster Tower Alert

Madame Prime Minister, this is a pointed directive. At the upcoming meeting of the 1922 Committee, you will announce your departure. This decision was made by Glamis and ratified by the World Governing Council.