Westminster Tower Alert

Madame Prime Minister, this is a pointed directive. At the upcoming meeting of the 1922 Committee, you will announce your departure. This decision was made by Glamis and ratified by the World Governing Council.

Province of the Americas – Ecuador

President Moreno, it is the opinion of the World Governing Council that you have endured the weight of your odious guest long enough. You may eject him at will. We do not demand, but strongly encourage you to revoke his citizenship and send him to those who have sought his company these many years.

Kim Hyok Chol

Johann Pastor and Vanessa Payne have independently confirmed the arrival of Kim Hyok Chol on the Lower Astral. The Ambassador appears to have been executed at Mirim airport several days ago and reached out to our contacts on the other side of the veil. News organizations will not report immediately.

Washington Tower

Cathedral Observation Post 5 is tracking an underwater disturbance approximately 50 kilometres north of the Kermadec Island Arc. Raoul Island Station reports abnormal surface patterns. Cathedral Tower has taken temporary control of Russian KosmoSat 2515 for dark vigilance and confirms likely underwater nautical operation by Rogue State Bravo.

Glamis and the World Security Office are instructing you to activate Deep Siren and call forth Gargantuan from the Mariana Trench.

Rest assured – the Rogue Fleet is no match for our monster, and he is hungry.

Supreme Court of the United States: Timbs v Indiana

It is the opinion of the Upper Chamber that federal protections afforded under your Fifth, Eighth and Fourteenth Amendments are applicable in the context of whether a state may seize assets and levy excessive fines outside of the due process requirements. Expressed more strongly, we believe that using a civil process to seize assets of people not convicted of a crime is in fact a gross violation of the Due Process clauses contained within the 5th and 14th Amendments, and that the Excessive Fines clause contained within the 8th Amendment is an incorporated protection inextricably tethered to Due Process.

It may be useful to recall the words of Winston Churchill: “When the long tally is added, it will be seen that the British nation and the English-speaking world owe far more to the vices of John than to the labours of virtuous sovereigns.” This is because it is largely the vices of King John (common ancestor of most of your presidents as well as myself and the current reigning monarch of the UK) that gave rise to the barons’ demands at Runnymede, and from that encounter ultimately springs the spirit of democracy and the rule of law which informs the jurisprudence systems of virtually all developed nations.

Further, we would argue that as much of your jurisprudence system derives from English Common Law, Magna Carta is as much yours as it is ours. Therefore in the case before you, Glamis would very much like to see a unanimous decision that reflects the spirit of Magna Carta.

All that being said, neither Glamis nor Wettin will make demands in this matter. You are the law-lords of a great nation and we respect your sovereignty in such matters. Therefore, please consider this missive an unofficial amicus brief on behalf of the Petitioners.

Ever Sincerely Yours,

Somerset Belenoff

Isle of Arran, Scotland

Camp David

WH – Set up meeting for late February to be held at Thurmont. Ensure Previous Four are in attendance. Include Ms. Gordy on invitation as she will assist. Glamis will send agenda topics via Forgotten Frequency.

Somerset Belenoff